About Us

Solstice Equine Veterinary Services, PLLC

Solstice Equine Veterinary Services has been in Loudoun County Virginia since 2007. Solstice EVS is owned and run by Dr Mia Campesi Lee. At Solstice EVS the focus has always been on the individual horse. Many things in life are not one size fits all and that is true too with horses and their needs

Professional Team

Mia Campesi Lee, DVM

Dr. Lee was involved with many equine disciplines as she grew up in the northern Virginia area.  She went to veterinary school at the Virginia-Maryland Region College of Veterinary Medicine based at Virginia Tech graduating in 2005.  During her schooling she did externships at the New Bolton Center, Gulfstream Racetrack, and various private equine practices in Virginia, Maryland, and Florida.  Upon graduation she completed a one-year internship at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center here in Leesburg Virginia.  After this she worked at an equine private practice in the area before founding Solstice EVS in 2007.

Office Staff (Cat Staff)


Casper works hard to make sure no one in the office misses a mealtime. He is dedicated to his job.


Jinx aka Skitty Kitty is always on high alert to make sure I know if there are any abnormal sounds or movements near the office.  Jinx works hard to always keep me company when doing office work and is sure to lay on any important bills that need paid so they cannot be found.


Scout is the youngster full of energy. She is opinionated and runs the office. If your payment has gone missing it is likely from her re-organizing my desk for me.

Nurse Mare

Merry Fox

Ms Merry is a wonderful Thoroughbred who has had many careers. She was a race horse, a riding horse, a broodmare, and now a nurse mare. She was always the broodmare in the field with all the other mares’ foals hanging out with her too. Since retiring from producing her own foals she has taken on the job of raising and nursing (through hormone induction of milk production) orphaned and rejected foals. She is happy to take any foal we offer her.